Review: Aviator Travel Jib

Aviator Travel Jib Review

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Aviator Travel Jib Review by Casey KlausIf you are in the market for a jib that is easy to travel with (long distances or short) and quick to set up, the Aviator Travel Jib by Nice Industries is worth a serious look.  It sets up in under 3 minutes and is so light and compact, that I’ve literally carried it up a mountain and hardly realized it.

This is not a full “production jib” like you might see at a concert venue, TV studio, or large scale shoot.  It is designed to increase production value in a faster paced, more “run and gun” style of field shooting.  Because of it’s lightweight design, this jib may require a couple of takes to get a usable shot.  However, I was typically able to get my shot and a strong safety within five attempts.  And I love the video I come back with when shooting with this jib!

I recommend considering the Aviator Travel Jib if you enjoy the shots a jib will give you, but need to be portable and shoot with a tighter deadline.

I used the Aviator Travel Jib with the Canon, 5D Mark II and on various professional, video tripods.  My counter weight system for the examples shown in this video, was the included sandbag with rocks found on location.  In the future, I’ll almost always be using plate weights to balance the jib arm as they work better.

For this review, I have shown my raw video to give you an honest idea of what your images will look like when shooting with this system.  I’ve included out takes to illustrate what I’m saying in my narration.


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