Bird Attack

The Mavic’s size and color caused some birds to see it as a smaller black bird…aka prey.

Diving In Alaska

Diving in Alaska was unlike any diving I had done before. It was a great time and dive. I saw sea life unlike what I see when diving in warm waters. The dive shop and charter I went with were great. Check them out:

Chicago River

I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot this but am pleased with the results.  I love the river flowing through Chicago’s tall buildings.

Lauderdale By The Sea

My wife and I enjoy vacationing in the Ft. Lauderdale area.  While she gets ready (it takes her a bit longer than it does me) I go out for some fly time.  I love the sea, even from above it’s beautiful.

Northern Door County

My in-laws have a place in Door County, WI so we go every year.  I love it up there.  Look for more videos upon future visits.

Cage Diving With the Great White Sharks

  I have always loved the Great White.  So when my dive shop announced it was planning a trip, I was in.  And as I love telling stories, I planned to tell a few.  Here’s the first of four.