Review: Edelkrone Slider Video

Edelkrone Slider Video Review

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Edelkrone Slider Video ReviewBEFORE I START:  This review is of the first edition of the slider released by Edelkrone.  They have come out with updated model(s) since I reviewed this.  I can’t speak to how the newer models work as I haven’t tested them.

I was excited to use the Slider Plus by Edelkrone.  I love the way it mounts to one tripod for ease of use.  The double slide action appeals to me as it allows me to push into or out of objects in ways traditional sliders may not. Unfortunately, I experienced an issue that left me with a concern. To Edelkrone’s credit, they have been entirely helpful in trying to help me resolve the issue and ultimately did to my complete satisfaction.  This slider offers a lot of good to consider, but be sure to watch this video to learn about my concern with it. Lastly, through Tweeting with others, I’ve learned that this issue does seem unique to me.  My experience does not appear to be typical. Here are a list of videos Edelkrone offered in attempts to resolve my issue:

Tipping in the middle:

SliderPLUS / SliderPLUS XL Tripod/tripod leg Usage:

SliderPLUS/SliderPLUS XL General Adjustment:

SliderPLUS on the Ground (Feet Adjustment):

Mounting SliderPLUS to tripod having different mounting options:

Attaching the Locking Mechanism on SliderPLUS:

How to take care of your SliderPLUS

SliderPLUS/SliderPLUS XL Adjustment:


  1. Hi Klaus,
    i have bought the small version.
    I have the same issue… i try to contact them to figure it out.
    have you fix it up? maybe loosening the bearings or doing something else?
    Beside i didn’t receive the lock mechanism inside the package… mysterious..

  2. Here i am,
    so i hav sent to them through direct email the issue … referring to your video on VIMEO.
    Talking with a engineer friend of mine he says it should be normal when the plate slide to the center you reach a balance point and the movement change a bit..
    anyway i have apreciated that after placing a head plus 5d mk III plus 24–105 lens the weight itself smooth the movement..
    i want to do a test with a light not IS stabilized lens.. and see if the small bump ruin the footage significantly or not.
    Besides i wonder what other custormers say about their slider … if they can appreciate the same issue without a havey camera mounted.
    In your video you heard others does-t complain about it right?
    but do they test it with or without a camera?


    • I was using a Mark II with 24–70 lens and problem was consistent.

      Twitter conversations suggest others have not been having the problem.

      Hope you find a solution you are happy with.


  3. Hi Casey,
    any news?
    edelkron didn’t reply even do i have sent them your video to explain the central smoothness problem.. meanwhile they have announce the edelkron slider plus VERSION 2.. just after a week i purchased our model!!

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